About Russell Grech – Company Director

As an experienced operations, asset management and project manager, Russell delivers maximum value to shareholders, customers and employees.  He draws on a unique skill set of operational experience, commercial acumen, technical capability, innovation and risk management – and the ability to implement cultural transformation.  Russell’s area of expertise include:

  • Commercial acumen and negotiation
  • Asset management
  • Logistic Change Management
  • All areas of operational performance
  • Delivering stakeholder and customer value on time and budget
  • Health and Safety leadership
  • Leveraging business value
  • Stakeholder relationship management


Russell has years of experience to draw upon, from an Electrical Tradesman, Senior Maintenance Engineer, General Manager and now Company Director at MIS. With over 30 years of operating in the engineering/infrastructure sector, Russell has achieved a range of awards and acknowledgments throughout different aspects of the trade.