Owners Representation for Major Projects

A significant number of our clients embark on major projects that require both technical expertise and an intimate understanding of the owner’s expectation for the project. Mine Infrastructure Services provides owners representation on these major projects, being responsible for communicating, acting and executing key tasks to complete projects and finalise developments.


Our experience

Major projects include:

  • Being the sole representative on major projects on behalf of a client
  • Responsible for communicating and executing key tasks, whilst working towards deadlines
  • Providing general manager duties at materials handling facilities
  • Providing engineering services for mining companies during a period of high workloads on major projects

Who have we helped?

MIS have assisted numerous companies in the resource sector to enhance and improve operational readiness whilst embarking on major projects.

We provide this service to:

  • Bulk loading ports
  • Multinational mining companies
  • Major equipment providers

“MIS are trusted with the responsibility of delivering these undertakings, in the same manner as an in-house resource. We perform the role, with the expectation that our personnel act as the owner’s representatives, and carry out the necessary duties, adhering to the individual business processes.”

~ Russell Grech ~
MIS Company Director

Supply Operational Readiness & Recruitment
Deliver Infrastructure Subject Matter Expertise

MIS deliver a results focused service to their mining, port, rail and heavy industry partners.

Why Choose Us

Mine Infrastructure Services (MIS) are a specialists organisation, headed up by Russell Grech and Peter Smith with over 25 years of experience in the mining & infrastructure industry they strive to assist and provide companies with change and improvements to new and existing operations.

MIS focus on the delivery of operational improvements and apply a pragmatic approach to imbedding systems and solutions that provide sustainable commercial outcomes. Our four major specialist sectors are: Rail, Port, Infrastructure and Logistics.


Mine Infrastructure works in a range of sectors which include: