Risk & Compliance

Managing business risk and compliance and adhering to relevant legislations are important and high priority for businesses. Mine Infrastructure Services ensure that the client’s effort is focussed on activities that discharge their obligations to ensure compliance.

MIS simplify clients systems by understanding the specific obligations that are required. This pragmatic approach removes unnecessary components of legacy systems.

Our experience

MIS have managed operations and facilities that fall under the Workplace Health & Safety Act, the Coal Mine Safety & Health Act and the Rail Safety Act. We develop and implement systems that maintain compliance from design to full operation.

System Examples:

  • Contractor Management Systems for bulk loading ports
  • Moisture Management Plans for coal and other material shippers
  • Safety and Health Management Systems for mines and service providers 

Who have we helped?

MIS have assisted a number of companies in the resource sector with services ranging from auditing systems and processes to the development of management systems.

  • Bulk handling ports
  • Major mining companies
  • Utility companies
  • Equipment suppliers


  1. Conduct Audit Services
  2. Develop Safety & Health Management
  3. Implement Documentation & Systemisation

MIS deliver a results focused service to their mining, port, rail and heavy industry partners.

Why Choose Us

Mine Infrastructure Services (MIS) are a specialists organisation, headed up by Russell Grech and Peter Smith with over 25 years of experience in the mining & infrastructure industry they strive to assist and provide companies with change and improvements to new and existing operations.

MIS focus on the delivery of operational improvements and apply a pragmatic approach to imbedding systems and solutions that provide sustainable commercial outcomes. Our four major specialist sectors are: Rail, Port, Infrastructure and Logistics.


Mine Infrastructure works in a range of sectors which include: