MIS provides knowledge and experience in the establishment and execution of rail enterprises. Russell Grech leads this area and previously managed the establishment of BMA Rail.

MIS experience in rail operations spans from project identification through to operational sign off.

Our role with rail operations

MIS advise and implement solutions for the establishment and operation of rail businesses. This includes project and owner’s approvals, land tenure, government and regulatory approvals, safety and environmental systems, operational readiness, rail operations and rail maintenance systems.

MIS provides a range of services to its clients including:

  1. Supply Operational Readiness & Recruitment Services
  2. Conduct Audit Services
  3. Develop Safety & Health Management Systems
  4. Implement Documentation & Systemisation
  5. Execute Improvement Activities
  6. Sustain Benefit Capture

MIS deliver a results focused service to their mining, port, rail and heavy industry partners.

Why Choose Us

Mine Infrastructure Services (MIS) are a specialists organisation, headed up by Russell Grech and Peter Smith with over 25 years of experience in the mining & infrastructure industry they strive to assist and provide companies with change and improvements to new and existing operations.

MIS focus on the delivery of operational improvements and apply a first-hand approach to imbedding systems and solutions that prove sustainable commercial outcomes across 4 major specialist sectors: Rail, Port, Infrastructure and Logistics.


Mine Infrastructure works in a range of sectors which include: