About Peter Smith – Company Director

With over 30 years in the metals and mining industries, Peter is well experienced in both the operational and the commercial aspects of delivering and maintaining value to customers.  Peter brings a pragmatic approach to the areas of maintenance and operations, drawing upon strong technical and risk based commercial skills to simplify problems and deliver solutions that satisfy the outcomes for further opportunities. Peter’s area of expertise include:

  • Maintenance shutdowns and refurbishment of mining equipment
  • Asset management and improvements
  • Innovation within operations to lower costs and improve efficiency
  • Facilities management and optimisation
  • Health and Safety systems
  • Utility and tenure services
  • Contract strategies and negotiations for equipment and services


From developing an innovative electricity supply strategy to transforming and operating a regional airport in enabling public and private aircraft movements, Peter has been responsible for several successes and achievements in the past. As a Company Director, Peter holds a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Honours) and a Master of Business Administration.